Craftsmanship made in Spain

Petty Things is a Spanish brand that produces each piece in a completely handmade process following traditional craftsmanship. All accessories are made in Spain by experienced technicians between our factories in Madrid and Ubrique. This makes each one unique, by the material or the origin of its elements and by the mime and care with which each one of them has been made.


In addition to the fascination with vintage fabrics, we demand the right of recycling old materials to create new contemporary pieces, providing a new history and values to the timeless complements that accompany us in our life on a daily basis.

Since 2016 the skins we work with are tanned with vegetal products supporting a more environmentally friendly industry. We respect the trade tradition and at the same time we bank on the use of clean technologies introducing processes free of chromium and heavy metals.


We are a company that believes in slow fashion processes,
respecting processes and offering second lives to qualitative materials,
creating pieces with their own character and 100% sustainable.


We are aware of the situation in the fashion industry, and we advocate responsible consumption in favor of a greater quality and exclusivity to the detriment of low-quality garments with ridiculous prices, made with materials that are harmful to the environment and by people who do not have the essential and required job rights.