The vegetable-dyed Nappa leather is treated without chrome, being mindful of the environment while giving it a more natural look. It will grow old and change with the passage of time. The handle is handmade in brass by an artisan in Madrid.

I love this barkcloth, when I found it I did not believe how lucky I was. It reminds me of a movie from the 50s, maybe in Miami, those huge sheets that cover the night background … Its coarse texture was perfect to decorate those precious, elegant and sophisticated environments of the 50s. In the store, the owner helped me find more fabric and we have enough meters! How happy I was!

The handle hardware is handmade in Brass, by a craftsman from Madrid.
Interior pocket and lining from the 50’s that we bought in a wonderful store in Madrid.


Measurements39x30x9 cm. Inner pocket 13×8 cm. Handle 50 cm
MaterialExterior vegetable napa with vintage barkcloth.
Golden brass handle hook.
pecary innerpocket.

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