The Marlen clutches of unique pieces from this season are amazing !. And   I have special affection for this Marlen Ula. The vintage fabric, a Barkcloth from the 50s, it´s from Kimberly´s store in Michigan (USA), who is as kind and passionate with vintage fabrics as I am. The barkcloth pattern has leaves or feathers that run through it, with a black stroke, beautiful!, but the most incredible thing is the color fluorescent pink!

As always the back is black calf, with its small handle to grab it and its golden chain removable to wear hanging.

We have used the  barkcloth “Ula”, one of our treasures, for the models: Marlen, Chloe and Debbie, so you may choose to have a handbag, purse or shoulder bag.


Measurements27×19 cm.Inner pocket 18×10 cm.
MaterialLEATHER: Leather calf black
VINTAGE FABRIC: Barkcloth from the 50s
INTERIOR: Beige pecari
CLOSURE: Hidden strap
HANDLE: Detachable golden chain


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