Marlen Fireworks is amazing, as well as its fireworks pattern! They seem to want to leave the clutch and shine forever. This clutch model was born to give prominence to its wonderful vintage fabrics, well this and all our models, especially the small bags, clutch or lady bags.

Like all our bags with vintage fabrics, this Marlen Fireworks combines with vegetable dyed leather in a lively red color. The barkcloth fabric Fireworks is a precious jewel!, just wear it and you would be well dressed for any occasion. It is also so soft that you’ll wish to squeeze it! Something you would do using the handle on it´s back, or pamper it by hanging it on it´s removable golden chain.

AH! We only have 2 clutchs of this model! With this treasure of barkcloth, “Fireworks”, we have also taken out a “lady bag” type bag with Chloe Fireworks.


Measurements 27×19 cm.Inner pocket 18×10 cm.
MaterialLEATHER: Leather calf red
VINTAGE FABRIC: Barkcloth from the 50s Fireworks
INTERIOR: Beige suede
CLOSURE: Hidden strap
HANDLE: Detachable golden chain


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