Each bag of Petty Things has something that makes it unique and extraordinary. Marlen Lex is a leather bag with chain and Dutch vintage material. This clutch is elegant, distinguished, can be used from morning to night, handbag or shoulder bag. A very versatile bag.

It is a clutch that I’m sorry to sell because it has memories of family and affection, having gotten this fabric in a visit to my sister, when she lived in Holland. We rescued this 1950s fabric piece from an antique shop in the center of Amsterdam. Its pastel colors are very delicate and the abstract pattern extraordinary. The black leather of the bag contrasts with the fabric, it is vegetable calf, somewhat rigid but soft.

A unique piece wishing to show off again! you dare?


Measurements 26×21×6 cm. Inner pocket 13×8 cm.
MaterialLEATHER: Leather calf black
VINTAGE FABRIC: Barkcloth from 50s
INTERIOR: Beige suede
CLOSURE: Hidden strap
HANDLE: Detachable golden chain


Tips to take care of your leather clutch Marlen , and let it shine forever!.

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