If we put a bit of this barkcloth from the 50’s in a frame, it could well be a work of art. A forest in autumn with strong, forceful strokes. During this time, artistic drawings jumped from the canvas to interior design, this fabric is a perfect example of this. The fabric is strong and textured, perfect for “Petty Things.” I found a few meters of this unused fabric in a street market in the United States.

The vegetable-dyed Nappa leather is treated without chrome, being mindful of the environment while giving it a more natural look. It will grow old and change with the passage of time.

This bag is soft and really practical, the hidden closure system will keep our secrets safe!


Measurements24×21 cm. Inner pocket 24×8 cm.
MaterialExterior barkcloth with black vegetable lamb nappa.
Interior of beige suede.

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