In the 20s and 30s, a hat was an essential part of everyday outfit. These women were impeccable from head to toe.

The well-structured tiara is the hat, an easy-to-wear piece that dresses up and enhances any outfit. Whether it’s an event or an ordinary day.

Our Greta is made of wool felt and rabbit fur. This is the premium material for hats. I bought this felt in an antique shop in Paris. Small quantity but wonderful.


It is soft and comfortable and with the exclusive detail of the inside made in barckcloth from the 50’s. Each headband is unique, like each one of us.

Our headbands fit snugly and do not tighten, you can put a small comb on them, if you want even more security, just indicate it in the order.


Our headdresses are unique pieces. Vintage fabrics or silk surplus stock are limited. They are all made in our workshop, by hand, one by one, with care, stitch by stitch and hours of work.

Size 23 cm inner width, 7 cm outer width

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