Marlen is a clutch, handbag, with basic design and two details that make it different. It has a small handle to put the hand and take it grabbed in the back, and a removable golden chain to carry it hanging.

What makes Marlen clutch so special  is the material with which they are made, highlighting those made in vintage fabric / vegetable dyed leather. There is also the Marlen model made only in vegetable-dyed leather.

The soul of Petty Things are its vintage fabrics, treasures rescued to shine again. The vintage fabric we use for Marlen is mostly barkcloth from the 50s with amazing prints. A selection of vintage fabrics, along with leather of wonderful or basic colors, that we use to make unique bags. Clutch or handbags, lady bags, or tote bags craftsmanship in Spain with an exquisite delicacy and mime and with the flavor of the old recycled, of its history that comes back to life.


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