How to take care of your Petty Things bag

Petty Things joins the Slow fashion, in the belief of keeping our accessories alive for a long time, away from the use and throw in the next season. That is why we want to share with you how to take care of Petty Things handbags and give them a long life.

If there is anything that stands out above all in Petty Things are the materials we use. These materials can be vintage fabrics, our treasures as we like to call them because of their historical value and importance, or leather – in the latest collections  vegetable leathers.


If you have purchased any of the Petty Things accessories, you may have chosen a model with vintage fabric that you will want to keep at its best! (#theimportanceofpettythings). And how do we take care of these little treasures? Well here are some tips, whether its made of leather or leather&vintage fabric.

Telas Vintage para Clutch y monederos de  Petty Things

Accessories with vintage barkcloth

The barkcloth (type of vintage fabric) may have some stain, imperfections or small traces of time. Of use, it may be losing rigidity but you can pass over with an iron (in soft heat) and it will return to its initial rigidity.

If the selected model also has a part of leather, it can be treated with a specific product to nourish it.

Models with barkcloth: Nina, Debbie, Doris, Marlen, Chloe, Purses.


Accessories with leather

The leather must be keept away from the sun exposure. To preserve for a long time, fill it with paper and put it in its bag.

The leather can be treated with a specific product to nourish it.

Vegetable leather

Nappa leather dyed vegetable is treated without chrome, taking into account the environment and giving it a more natural look. It will age and change with the passage of time.

Models with leather: Nina, Debbie, Doris, Marlen, Chloe, Purses.

NINA Color Salvia interior. Modelo Nina Petty Things (ref # NIPP01-1-V18)

Metal handles

The handle is made by hand in brass by a craftsman from Madrid. The brass can be cleaned with a special metal cleaning product.

Models with metal handle: Nina.