Barkcloth, more than a vintage fabric

Telas Vintage para Clutch y monederos de  Petty Things

I got my first barkcloth on a trip to London. Looking for vintage fabrics in the markets I found a wonderful old barkcloth curtain.

At that time I worked in the world of fashion and I already felt an absolute passion for old fabrics. So every excuse seemed good to use recycled fabrics and offer them a second chance.

One of the flea markets I never miss when I travel to London is Brick Lane. In addition to the typical second-hand stores, it hides small shops that keep real vintage treasures and a the most variegated gastronomic offer.

Brick Lane, London flea market
Brick Lane, London flea market. Image Source

It was there, in a basement of Brick Lane, where I found this vintage fabric and, although it was somewhat broken, I loved it. I knew it was a fabric from the 1950s because I could recognized its pattern. Its graphic and abstract print, the use of color and its texture, made this fabric a very special piece. At that moment I did not know that its name was barkcloth and how popular was in England and the USA. I brought it to Spain and for a long time was at home, stored in my treasure shelf. Just seeing it made me happy for the day!

I been always in love with vintage textiles so it didn´t  take long to research its origin. I discovered that the barkcloth is a 100% cotton fabric, robust and with the plot in sight. Its texture and finish made it ideal to use not only in clothes, but also in upholstery. What a marvel of sofas and armchairs they had in the 50’s! some still keep their barkcloth and are true treasures.

In the 50s it was a very successful fabric and great designers dared to innovate on it. Important people like Eames or Lucienne Day, reflected on these fabrics optimistic canvases drawings. The barkcloth is nowadays a classic in the history of fabrics.

Lucienne, Barkcloth pattern
Eames, Barkcloth pattern. Circles

“My barkcloth are my dearest treasures in our vintage fabrics materials”

For me to find them has become a passion, assuming a challenge to turn those recycled vintage fabrics into luxury bags. I consider myself fortunate to play with them, turn them into timeless accessories, and praise the importance of vintage fabrics and their history. Besides, I feel like a fairy godmother!, making happy those who treasure these unique bags.

(On the left you can see some of our barkcloth for upcoming seasons and others currently on sale as cosmic.)

Selection of some bags and clutch made with barkcloth

Marlen with Barcloth

Seasn Summer 2019 (SS19)

We bring back to life
the first Barkcloth I bought
at Brike Line – London.

A unique clutch with the luxury of
a vintage barkcloth fabric,
where the importance of small things
becomes great #theimportanceofpettythings.

This design is an exclusive clutch
with all the luxury of the 50s,
an affordable treasure.




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